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Freedom from corrective lenses

It’s likely that you’ll be able to do away with any glasses or contact lenses you once owned with your improved vision making them useless. LASIK surgery is the most successful form of refractive surgery out there and with our latest technology and excellent doctors, we're the best and most affordable place to have your procedure done.


Corrective lenses - eye glasses and contact lenses - over time can be costly. By selecting to have laser surgery, you stand to save thousands in the long run toward frames, lenses, contacts, contact solution, optometrist appointments and let's not forget the expense of an extra pair in the unfortunate event that you've broken and/or lost your glasses or contact lenses. 

Military personnel benefits*

Potential denial because of poor eyesight could be a thing of the past thanks to laser procedures. Surgery can provide the freedom of corrective lenses that certain headgear makes difficult to wear. Should glasses break or get lost and you're abroad access to eye specialists might not be available. Problems like these and others could be alleviated with Lasik surgery.*

15% off LASIK and PRK. Not combined with any other promotion.

*Active military ask us about our PRK.


adrian welsh

Came here for a lasik surgery, the results are fantastic and the staff was there to help me and answer questions every step of the way. I highly recommend!

michelle sidransky

So...2017 is one of the highlights of my life! No more glasses, No more contacts!!!! Thank you to these amazing beautiful people in my life, my  hubby is the best! And my doctor is better than yours...thanks to the staff and a special thank you to Bruno, the stuffed animal who was by my side the entire 10 seconds long of my life!!! You will never be forgotten. I can see now better than before! The rain is gone! I can see all obstacles in my way - I love this place!!!

joanna trejo juarez garcia

Best decision of my life to get lasik. It was amazing the doctor explained step-by-step as he was doing the procedure made you feel very comfortable.

cyndi sandoval

Best eye Doctor ever. Very professional and friendly staff. They are always happy to see me. Makes me feel safe when I'm there with them. I got a cornea transplant and it has been a very seuccesful surgery. It feels as if I was reborn... Thank you so much Dr. Di Pascuale and staff!! 

Why should I have LASIK surgery with

Dr. Di Pascuale?

Trust only the best with your vision

"My speciality in cornea and ocular disease makes me a very detail-oriented eye surgeon. I give very thorough comprehensive eye care medically and surgically." Dr. Mario Di Pascuale

Dr. Mario Di Pascuale provides one of the best options of eye care in the El Paso area and constantly thrives to acquire state-of-the art in new and modern eye equipment, combined with the best, thorough medical strategies available for every patient's needs.  He is highly trained on laser correction keratorefractive surgeries such as LASIK and PRK; along with management of complex ocular surface and anterior segment diseases.

Lasik, Cornea & Cataract Specialty Center offers a variety of services from routine eye exams, dry eye treatment, diabetic and glaucoma screenings treatments, to complicated surgical procedures such as cornea transplants and Boston Keratoprothesis, (an "artificial cornea" transplant) a life changing surgery that is usually only attempted in major University Medical Centers.  Dr. Di Pascuale is an expert on conventional and complex cataract removal offering access to premium intraocular lens such as astigmatic intraocular lens correction "Toric IOL" and "Multifocal" lens implants. While this can be offered conventionally, he is offerin the new LASER cataract removal surgery procedure which is 10 times more precise and effective. 

Frequently Asked Questions

LASIK is something that provides an almost immediate lifestyle change that frees you from the hassles of wearing glasses or contacts, yet many people jump right into it without asking questions.

But like with any other life-changing decision, we here at Lasik, Cornea & Cataract Specialty Center feel it’s important to be well informed. There’s no doubt that laser eye surgery is an amazing technology that has revolutionized eye care and provided glasses-free living for millions of people, but there are still things every person considering LASIK should know.


LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is a type of refractive surgery that corrects common visual conditions known as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Glasses or contact lenses are designed to compensate for the eye's imperfections.

During a LASIK procedure, an advanced laser is used to reshape the eye’s cornea, thereby improving its ability to refract light properly on the retina. The result is clear vision and freedom from eyeglasses or contact lenses. When performed by our experienced surgeon, LASIK is a safe and effective treatment with life-changing benefits.


There are a few common traits that most LASIK surgery candidates share.  An ideal candidate for LASIK surgery is:

  • 18 years of age or older,
  • has maintained a stable vision prescription for at least one year, and
  • has healthy corneas.

Fortunately, with the recent advancements in LASIK technology and techniques, this vision correction procedure can help more patients than ever before.  

For more information about LASIK surgery, or to schedule a consultation, please contact us today.


Is LASIK safe?

Yes. LASIK is one of the safest medical procedures in the world. The screening process for patients is extensive and LASIK technology is state-of-the-art.

Not everyone is a candidate for LASIK, however, and we never proceed unless a patient is 100 percent suitable. If you’re not an appropriate candidate, we’ll happily work with you to find a different option that does suit you and your vision goals, whatever they may be.


Does LASIK hurt?

Doctors will apply anesthetic eye drops prior to the procedure to ensure complete comfort, and all you will feel is light pressure.  Following the procedure some people have reported a sensation similar to having an eyelash  in their eye for a period of time, but most people experience very little discomfort.


How soon after LASIK will I be able to see?

Very soon, although it varies with each person; some people report clear vision in less than 24 hours, while for others (particularly PRK patients) it takes up to 5 or 6 days.We recommend taking the day of the procedure off work but if you’re hoping for a “holiday” to recover, you’re out of luck. You should be back two days after your procedure.


How common are complications?

Not common at all.  In fact, vision–threatening complications from contact lens use happen far more often — 1 in 2,000 people — while LASIK only reports a complication once every 10,000 surgeries. Of the rare complications that do occur, the most common are hazy vision, over or under correction, and surgical flap healing problems. Most complications are treatable and/or temporary.


Will I have 20/20 vision following LASIK?

Likely yes, but every person is different. The U.S. Navy is so confident in LASIK that they recommend it to their Marines, 92%  of whom achieve 20/20 vision following the surgery. It is incredibly likely that you will not need corrective lenses after LASIK.


Will I need reading glasses after LASIK?

Since LASIK surgery  is typically performed to correct distance vision and refractive errors rather than issues stemming from presbyopia, whether or not you will need reading glasses after LASIK depends on your age.  If you're under 40, LASIK surgery will not cause you to need reading glasses, contrary to misconceptions.


Will I need glasses after LASIK?

If you are over the age of 40 and do not get monovision, you will have to wear reading glasses. If your vision is not optimal after LASIK, and an enhancement is not an option, glasses or contacts may be needed to improve your vision.


Can I drive myself home after?

No, you must have someone drive you home after LASIK surgery.

Even though your vision may seem quite clear immediately after LASIK, some blurriness is common for several hours after surgery. And as the numbing eye drops used during your LASIK procedure wear off after surgery, it's common for your eyes to be sensitive to light for a few hours, causing them to "water," which will affect your vision.

Also, you may be given a mild sedative prior to surgery to help you relax, which might make you a little drowsy and affect your reaction time immediately after your LASIK procedure.

The best course of action is to have a friend or family member drive you home, and then you can relax or take a nap.

Clear protective shields will be placed over your eyes for your ride home to keep you from inadvertently rubbing, touching or bumping your eyes in the hours following your surgery.


What are the risks associated LASIK?

A majority of people never have a LASIK complication, but you might have wondered what risks this procedure carries.

It is not uncommon and in fact normal for patients having had any kind of eye surgery (cataract surgery, laser vision surgery, or corneal transplantation to name a few) to experience dry eye syndrome after the surgery, but for most patients, the symptoms can last anywhere from several weeks to several months and because of our dry weather here in El Paso it can prove a bit challenging, but the good news is the symptoms resolve quickly and should it take longer the use of artificial tears or medicated eyedrops can be administered. If you already have dry eyes, PRK, another kind of laser vision correction, may be better a better option for you.

Night-vision disturbances such as glare and halos are potential LASIK risks. Glare and halos affect the way your eyes see light, mostly at night or under dimly lit conditions. In most but not all cases, these symptoms decrease over time. A small number of patients do report significant night-vision disturbances, even one year after LASIK surgery.

Under-correction or over-correction after surgery is probably the most frequent problem encountered after laser vision correction. The over- or under-correction is significant enough to require an enhancement in approximately 2% of patients.
Rare but serious complications can include infection, corneal ectasia (a progressive weakening and bowing of the cornea) or unmasking of keratoconus (a rare corneal condition causing a misshapen cornea). Other complications though rare can occur. Your physician will discuss these with you further at the time of your consultation.


We have finance options available.  You have questions, we have answers.  Any patient at the  Lasik, Cornea & Cataract Specialty Center can apply for CareCredit,  Greensky, or Alphaeon Credit. These programs are offered by national healthcare financing companies that provide financing for patients all over the United States. Some benefits of these programs are that there are no up-front costs, no copays, and easy monthly payments with no interest for the first 24 months. Another advantage of this financing option is that there are no penalties for paying off the loan early. Patients can get financing for 6, 12, 18, or 24 months. There are even extended payment options that cover 36, 48, and 60-month repayment options.  Call us at 915-261-7011 and we can  can help you find out if you qualify for either the CareCredit, GreenSky,  or Alphaeon Credit programs.  *Subject to credit approval

Please Note:   0% Interest financing special requires an in-house application which can be done at your Free Exam and Consultation.  

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CareCredit makes it easy for you to pay for your vision correction procedure such as LASIK, DLR, ICL or KAMRA. A CareCredit healthcare credit card can help you pay for your eye surgery with simple convenient monthly payments.

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GreenSky Patient Solutions® offers you flexible financing to meet your needs. The program offers simple installment loans, an easier way to pay for your LASIK, KAMRA, DLR or ICL treatment without having to open a new credit card account.

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