We hope you are well. We understand that everyone is feeling anxiety about COVID-19 and what it means to our community. We would like to take a moment to thank you for your support and business over the past years. We value every moment and we are honored to share in your eye health care and life changing events each day that your sight is healthy. We will continue to be here for all our clients, our employees, and our families at home. These recommended guidelines may or may not help with the eventual spread of this novel virus, however, we want all our clients to feel comfortable when receiving treatment from any of our staff at LASIK, Cornea and Cataract Specialty Center and when deciding to come into our offices or optical.

Our technicians who come in contact with the public are continually wiping down their equipment with disinfecting wipes and using hand sanitizer and/or gloves inbetween all clients, as we have always done. Upon arrival at our office we have instructed our staff team to avoid any unnecessary contact with anyone other than each patient entering our offices throughout the visit and upon leaving.

In and around our store, we are systematically wiping down all surfaces and constantly cleaning counters, floors, and tables to the highest recommended standards. In addition, we are disinfecting the handles on our doors after each customer comes in and out. Our inside team is following correct hand washing procedures throughout the day.

We are truly thankful for your support whether you have come to us one time or several times throughout the years. Please take care of one another, stay healthy, and we look forward to working through this time together.

Your ophthalmologist,

Dr. Mario Dipascuale and everyone at LASIK, Cornea & Cataract Specialty Center

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